December 12, 2011

the new batch

I sanded down the first planks from the new wood pile, to find beautiful aging, serious knots, and just the right amount of nail holes and imperfections to, yes, make it perfect. When I sanded that one on the left --- oh my, it was like love at first sight! Just look at that knot!


  1. two hazels momDecember 12, 2011

    gorgeous !!!!! missed you !
    how much and what size are these?

  2. Thank you! They are 19.5 inches long, and they are $45 dollars each. I love these ones too...

  3. Dear Ariele,
    All your blog is lovely.
    Here's something I wanted to share with you.

  4. All your production is amazing !! Do you send in France, by chance ? And how much would be the shipping cost ?
    My journey in your blog is a pretty good moment !


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