December 20, 2011

baby it's cold out here

Okay, it is way too nippy to be doing this on the roof, but I'm sacrificing a little discomfort and trading-in icy toes and fingers to prevent severe sawdustiness in my house. It's worth the trek up and down the ladder every twenty minutes when you see the mess I've made up there, even with the wind blowing most of it away. And it's not a bad thing having to drink four cups of tea in two hours. But, seriously, brrrr!

Now up to the rooftop like old saint nick to make some more, hopefully in time to ship them before the big 'ol holiday day!


  1. I want number 4!

  2. Wait, no, number 1! 4! 1! GAH!!

  3. number five looks like a speech bubble! can you write about how you burnt the first ones with the logo of il vecchio?

  4. You need warmer shoes. Those Keds aren't providing you much insulation.

  5. the butterfly board was SUCH a hit- my mom was over the moon. thrilled about it. granted it took everything i could muster to actually part ways with it, but seeing the look on my mummy's face as she opened it was PRICELESS.

    well done, you. you made the Stockman Family Christmas.

    (and thanks for you sweeeeetest note.)


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