December 4, 2011

a thank you

One is in order, to those of you who snatched up my cheeseboards so wonderfully fast, making me a very happy girl. They are all wrapped up and ready to go out, and I promise to have a few more made by tomorrow {YES! But just a few!} for those of you who expressed a desire to snatch one up yourself. So check back soon!


  1. J'adore!!!! the text is so funny !!!! great idea honey!!!! You have to sell them... it'll be a great success i guess!!!

  2. I love, love, love mine :) I made an olive oil-beeswax polish for it and it became slightly darker of course, but still gorgeous and I think it will double as a chopping board now..

  3. WONDERFUL! So glad to hear that it arrived safely and you love it. It will lighten a bit in the next few days after you oil it, but just a bit. The only thing is to be careful using OLIVE OIL, as it tends to ferment in the wood over time. It's pretty much the only oil to steer clear of, but it's not the end of the world if you continue to use it {just starts to smell like old olive oil!!}

  4. They make a product called "Salad Bowl Finish", General Finishes, you can buy it from Woodcraft. Its a more protective finish than oils or butcher's wax and its food safe (I used it on several cutting boards I made with great results).
    Love your work.


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