December 25, 2011

a tiny brooklyn christmas

A happy forty-six-degree christmas to you all! That's relatively warm, eh? I think we'll go out for a stroll since this is our first christmas staying in brooklyn -- we're curious about how many of the deli's are actually closed today. Tonight, we're making a boiled dinnah true New England style and drinking Chimay, the happiest of beers in my opinion, and probably polishing off that whole plate of spritz cookies. And I finally got around to making some very un-christmasy looking flag decorations {out of free Martha Stewart paint chips from Home Depot if you must know -- how's that for thrifty, eh?} and clearing a wall for my long awaited, highly anticipated Amelie painting. Yes. YES! Now that I have my little paws on one I'm feeling greedy and wishing for more please!

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  1. Sometimes her sweetheart and her cat is all a girl needs... Joyeux Noel !


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