January 3, 2012

a deli of deli's

Sometimes you find something lovely in the most unexpected places, like the men working at this shop that gave me hot tea because I came in freezing off the streets, and a sample of their delicious honey cake! {baked fresh in the back room} as well as a dried fig stuffed with walnuts. Mmmm! I bought a pound of dried apricots for five dollars, and thought about purchasing so many other interesting things, like dried lavender or olives they keep in five gallon plastic buckets, or old enamel pots, wooden spoons, grains I've never seen before, baklava.

{It's on Atlantic avenue right around the corner from Trader Joe's in Brooklyn}


  1. This makes me nostalgic. I lived near Atlantic Ave in the 80"s. Is Sahadi still there?

  2. BtW: You and yours have been killin' it with the photos. Please keep up the amazing work, and Senior Selby, watch your back, the kids have game.....

  3. Yum!

    (Next time you're there, make sure to try the Yemeni restaurant across the street from Trader Joe's... Oh the exquisite lamb!)

  4. Love the cute cat! Great photos.

    Geneva (Juniper&York)


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