January 17, 2012

it's only winter on the outside

While it tries to splatter icy rain outside, I've successfully fooled my plants in here to believing it's spring.

The pink bud above is from a tulip tree branch that had broken off. I stuck it in water a couple weeks ago with low expectations, but boom! Springtime!


  1. That's a great pre-spring surprise. I'm starting to see daffodil and crocuses popping in dublin already - a full month too soon!

    1. Yes, it's happening here too! Outside, I mean :) I'm so worried that it's gonna freeze soon and the buds who thought it was spring are gonna die! Booo!

  2. super!!!! love the cheese plank you did... just a crush!!!! xxx

  3. This proves to me that Global Warming is so pervasive your house is now going through dramatic climate change. In fact, your blog is hotter than hell! :)

  4. you do cool stuff!


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