January 15, 2012

some open air

{A mini New Jersey road trip, with brief touchdown in Pennsylvania, and Amelie and I reliving our past and doing what we, together, do best}.

If you've been following me for long, you'll know that Amelie and I have a tendency to rummage around in abandoned stuff. Like we did here, here, herehere, and here. So if this was your beautifully neglected barn, you are a lucky duck. We had to refrain from whipping out our crowbars stashed in the back seat and swiftly dismantling the entire thing, but we held back. Barely. I can't help but thinking that our barn-wood addiction is at a healthy level of "we want it so bad, but not enough to totally take a whole building home with us". We just admire the heck out of it, wish it was ours, snap a few pics, and continue on down the road -- not stopping, of course, until we come across another gorgeous, hopefully abandoned, possibly-ghost-filled-or-serial-killer-ridden place that... totally gives us the creeps. Fun!


  1. Brrr... Just looking at the pictures of that empty house with the broken windows is enough to give me goosebumps again. Such a weird, creepy place! It looks like it's alive and breathing and... watching us!

  2. Check out Craigslist posts for free barn wood/u-haul in more rural areas, I see such posts in upstate regularly...would change up your hunt abit. I enjoy reading your blog and get new ideas!

  3. okey doke, thanks for the reply. I really love the blog.

  4. Wow. Totally sounds like my kind of road trip...I need to start scouting out abandoned barns...

  5. Beautiful old place. Hey, is that your Camry station wagon? I had one just like it for twelve years! Loved it for hauling stuff. ;o) xSparky

    1. Yep! That's my ol' girl. She runs really well and fits so much stuff! I'm happy to hear that yours was around for so long -- I hope mine holds on for many more years to come!


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