March 22, 2012

from a distance

Three thousand and twenty-one miles away from me is the second love of my life, il vecchio. I am not there to photograph it, check in on it, make sure everything is just so, but I've made peace with that by now. I think about those tables everyday, like they are my children in a far off place. I wonder how they are wearing with time, I wonder if the kilim pillows are all facing the right direction, I wonder if the menu's are being printed on the correct paper {let me assure you, they are not}, I wonder if they are filling vases with the correctly subdued flowers or keeping the candles lit. I've got my minions over there keeping their eyes peeled, but alas, it's just not the same. But hey, I'm going there to visit. In april. Tables! I have missed thee! How are you feeling, my loves?

Well, here is a pretty little photo someone else took {snatched from the local newspaper's food blog} that made me quite happy. We call this the New York Nook, firstly, because I built it entirely out of materials that came from Brooklyn {oak wood flooring, old doors, and a bit of lath too!} and secondly, because it's a bit tiny. Meant for two, but there have definitely been times when five people have happily squeezed in there {what can I say, people in California love a wee bit of the New York experience, even if all it consists of is fitting into teeny-weeny spaces}.

Anyhoo, I felt like rambling today. There will be many more photographs of this lovely bustling place come April, when I'm sure to annoy many-a-guest with my incessant trigger-happiness. I'll try not to, but I can't promise anything. Now get back to work, girl!


  1. Fantastic. All your tables are amazing and I'm sure it's an odd feeling being so disconnected from them (I got the same feeling when I mailed off my first commissioned children's book to Australia, which I will likely never see again...) I look forward to visiting the restaurant and seeing your incredible work in person, and ofcourse eating the amazing food!!! Best of luck with the new projects and visiting the restaurant! I'm sure your tables will be delighted to see you again :)

  2. I'm sure it will be very nice to go back again. Can't wait to see more pictures of that beautiful place!

  3. It's great you're going back for a visit! My regards to the tables...

  4. sorry to stray slightly off topic here, but now the title of this post has bette midler's 'from a distance' stuck in my head on repeat. and i likes it!


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