June 24, 2012

lightning and woodworking, six floors up

{a thank you to the cooling rain, and the first thing made in my new studio}

The heat made it unbearable through those huge factory windows, magnifying the sun and cooking us in that studio of ours. When the rain came I was uncomfortably halfway through the first headboard I have made in months -- the first thing I built in my studio! Thunder was a welcome sound and we watched the downpour with the windows open, cold mist blowing in and it felt like heaven. We took our shoes off and crawled through the window onto the roof where the rain hit like cool relief. I've never welcomed a storm with such open arms, was sad to see it pass when the sun came back we muttered and complained again. Not a whole lot to complain about, really -- something like the sun. Like when I find myself grumpy that there is no place to get an iced coffee within three blocks of our studio, I've gotta stop myself. When you think about it, suffering through the lack of a refreshing beverage in proximity to my location is ridiculous. Really, Ariele? It took me a moment, but I was suddenly overwhelmed with the amazing things we get to do, like being barefoot in a cool summer thunderstorm.

So hello to you, dear headboard! You were the first thing I built in this new space, and if you weren't made of wood I'd consider smashing a champagne bottle to christen you like a boat. But you were created in the lightning and the heat, so I suppose that type of welcome will have to do. 


  1. It is beautiful! You'll have to get a mini fridge and make your own iced drinks :)

  2. AnonymousJune 24, 2012

    gorgeous first studio project ! love the angle on the top and that it is right on 'off' with the diagonal below .......you have the eye for the most original design, with a little bit of wit !

    how about a big thermos of already cold coffee and a luggable thermos to pick up ice in on the way up !!!!! no trips out for coffee, save money and the planet same time. more recycling, stay green and creative as you are ! we love you !

    you must have a giant elevator to get these things out of there ?

  3. soooo rad-ass. I've been reading B2W (Boyz 2 women??) since your sojourn out West. Bad props, crazy beautiful work.

  4. AnonymousJune 24, 2012

    A thunderstorm is the best sign for those who receive the headboard or you, or both! Congratulations on your studio, I am most inspired!
    Best wishes,
    unfortunately anonymous for now

  5. Beautiful, beautiful as usual. I miss those summer storms, I live on the west coast now and we don't get storms in the summer like that. Your description made me nostalgic

  6. very awesome. :) so glad that you have this special space.

  7. That rain was awesome! I like your comments about complaining- I am SO guilty of this. I've heard them called first world complaints. We have the luxury of complaining about things that could not even enter someone's mind in a third world country. Recognizing everyday gifts allows us to experience joy. Thanks for reminding me!

  8. I'd be more bummed about not having A/C! ha! Lovely work, as usual.

  9. AnonymousJune 26, 2012

    What kind of wood did you use for the headboard and where would I be able to find something similar? It is beautiful!


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