July 12, 2012

on the black wall

There are a few really cool things going on in here in front of this black wall -- I mean, things other than these roadside Queen Anne's that we totally illegally parked to snag, yanking some out by their roots as we hurried to get an armful or two. When you see flowers in Brooklyn that aren't growing from someone's yard, you gotta take 'em just for the rarity of the thing. Summer flowers aren't patient and before I know it I'll have looked up and missed 'em, so I'm just happy that I got at least one bouquet out of the deal. And speaking of deals, and patience, I'm gonna have to make you wait a little longer for the goodstuff that's coming -- the bigstuff, the stuff I'm super proud of. I can hardly wait!


  1. Can't wait to see what you're working on!

  2. Hey, Ariele! My wife and I are spending a few days in Marina next week and plan to enjoy a meal at Il Vecchio. I'm looking forward to seeing the interior in person and I'll make sure to get a few TtV shots while we're there.

  3. Very nice against the black wall!

  4. I look forward to seeing what your working on - your work is great!

    Question - I saw your home tour on Design Sponge...I absolutely love it! Do you know what colour is painted in your living room...white walls are hard to get right and your look great :-)

    1. My living room actually came this color when we moved in. In person I think it looks way less attractive perhaps than in the photographs! I've always wanted to paint it over, so in short, I have no good white-paint-tips for ya... What a bummer of me!

  5. we can't wait too... great pics, flowers, black wall...

  6. Wild Carrot (Queen Anne's lace as you call it) is pretty common in England, muahaha!

    Loving the black wall, always wanted to do one myself so i am envious!


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