September 24, 2012

this darn table that I love

{an overdue update of The Big One, and a day with some crazy-fake looking clouds}

I completed the pattern on this big guy a while ago, and did a teensy bit of procrastination when it came to building the base. Partly, because I loved that mural-of-a-table-top hanging on my wall and would have liked it there forever, partly because I was freaked out about how much it might weigh when taking it down, and partly... well, most of it was the latter. Remember how I once told you that the freight elevator only goes to floor five, while we're conveniently located on floor six? Yes, so it was pretty clear there would be at least two sets of fifteen foot cement stairs to navigate down before we got to that oh-so-accessible floor five. A scary thought.

So I wrangled up some very willing guys and the six of us barely made it down alive, ten foot table top in tow, manhandled somehow onto the creaking backs of these men and wrestled into the steep hallway, a hallway of sharp edges and a long way to fall. I had a stomach ache. Of course, the table wouldn't make it around the corner on level five... nor on level four... So down it went, slowly, to level three -- where the freight elevator sat waiting like it was mocking my obviously silly decision to rent a studio on floor six. Silly me.

So thank you commissionees of this ginormous table, it was so much fun to tackle it's daunting size and pattern, and I taught myself a ton along the way. I hope you enjoy many-a-meal gathered around her, and don't have too much trouble passing the peas!

Oh, and have I mentioned that I've suddenly fallen in love with cacti? Yes. Desperately so.

Fellow cactiholic Amelie just updated her awesome basebalaholic letterpress site. Go see!

I'd like some cacti like these, please and thank you.

But for now I'm starting with this one.

And this one.


  1. That table is incredible. I came back from a Pacific Northwest trip recently with small pieces of 5 different succulents that I plucked from roadside plantings. They are thriving now - there's something so fascinating about succulents and cacti.

  2. Wow, wow, WOW! That table is truly incredible. My boyfriend is getting really into woodworking, and I burn designs into it... so fun! I want to get into the building myself, and your work is a real inspiration. I also SO enjoy your kitty pictures on instagram.

  3. I love how you did the base so that the people sitting at the ends of the table wouldn't have to have their legs cramped.

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog. I love it!
    I started following you on Blogloving :)

    Looking forward to a new post.

  5. Wondered how the table would be used and how you were going to design the legs. Your solution on how to hold up the top surprised and delighted me. Terrific job!

  6. OMG! You and your supersized table are truly magnificent! I love how your studio reflects (I think) your creative soul. You're writing style is a kick!! :) I have collected a number of cactii for my college-bound son (thinking they would be low maintenance). They 'fit' perfectly!!


  7. I'm also a cactiholic :) We grow them from seed and graft too. I post our ever-growing collection here every now and again...cheers! :

  8. that is one magnificent table!! love love love your work! long time reader, first time commenter...

  9. Absolutely stunning table!! Great work!

  10. Hi Ariele,

    I am a London-based Chinese journalist. I am amazed by your design and hope to interview you about your work.
    I've actually sent 2 emails to your account \\ earlier this week to introduce myself, my magazine and listed all the details of the interview.

    I haven't heard from you so far, so I'm a little bit worried the mails fell straight into your junk mail box. Hopefully they didn't.

    No matter what, please reply me at
    I am very looking forward hearing from you.

    Thank you!

    Best regards,
    Jas Tang

  11. This is really the best table you've made. Although I'm a little sceptical about making tables out of reused laths, the one here amazed me with its original elegancy and style. I really like it.


  12. You're work is amazing! You're in my blog now ;)

  13. i just discovered you... and you are amazing...

  14. beautiful table, awesome cacti. can you please tell me what type of cactus the taller one is?


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