October 19, 2012

space, zigzags, and brief talk of brief travel

It finally happened the other week that I realized I was used to having space. It was such a gradual transition for me, learning how to have a separate studio, that I got accustomed to it without even noticing. Thinking back to when I was building furniture in my living room already seems like a year ago, and likewise, seems impossible. Did I really do that?! Crazypants. But there's still sawdust in the corners and old square-nails turning up on the floor as proof. Thoroughly sweeping the house? Who has time for that!

Aside from endlessly / repetitively cutting little pieces of wood, I also: Went to California to visit the restaurant for it's one year birthday party. It's booming! It's blooming! Ate a lot of pasta, tried not to eat too much tiramisu. Spent a day in Big Sur among some much-needed towering redwood trees and clusters of lively succulents, some placed artfully in mother-made pots that I covet thoroughly

When I returned to Brooklyn I made sure to cook us a pasta dinner because I can never-have-too-much-pasta-seriously-oh-my-god, and then got back to work and played catch-up. Oh no wait, I'm always playing catch-up, right, I forgot. And next on the list was a wall panel, which was exciting because this pattern had me thrilled! And, I'm always in the mood to not build table legs.

So once again, the newest piece I build becomes my favorite, and I would very much like to take it home and hang in on my wall. My wall. But I try to be a nice person and do what I say I will, which means... not stealing art from myself -- what a clever business plan! So, dear Empty Wall somewhere in Virginia, meet your new friend! She will be in the mail on Monday.

Have a lovely fall weekend!


  1. Your work and images look great as always.
    My latest painting is always my favorite too!

  2. You make the most beautiful things. Good thing you always like the latest the best, one needs to keep growing, right?

  3. yay! you're back! and smartly garnished the post with your portrait of king (queen?) succulent!

  4. YAY! Always a joy to see what you've been up to? Perfectly perfect zig zag! Would look amazing on any wall space! Lov'n the [easy care]succulents and... can you ever have too much pasta???

    P.S. Congrats on the 1-yr anniversary!!

  5. love love love love! your blog is very inspiring.. /ti

  6. Alasko woodwork is so good. I love it. It seems a perfect zig zag. Congrats for 1st anniversary.
    ~ Herman Swan


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