December 1, 2012

just to let you know...

{a shop update has been scheduled!}

My long-promised shop update will be happening on Monday morning, at 10 am EST. Finally for sale will be most, though not all, of the wall panels I have been making for the past month. I originally intended only to make small panels, but, you know, my hands and excitement got the better of me so there will be some larger panels available as well {as pictured above!}.

I'm so excited. Farewell until Monday then, when we will speak again!

- A


  1. Oooooo... that's an awesome advent calendar surprise for Dec. 1. I'm waking up at 7AM PST for this one! Will they all be priced the same? How much roughly? I'm afraid they will go so fast. Nail biter.

  2. I'll take the one shown in the picture above!

  3. Ohhhhhh, sweet Xmas presents!

  4. im sizing up my wall space as i read this


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