March 12, 2013


{small updates on some new things, and a mini adventure}

The studio is hanging in there nicely and dust is never under control -- a decent problem to have for a woodshop. I've been building things at my usual pace of slow-and-steady, always hunting for more lath and popping my head into every dumpster I pass, just in case. What's the news? Well, I have an assistant now! Just super part-time but he's been such a help in taking over some of my least favorite parts of the building process. *Ahem* {sanding!}.

Lately I've been noticing that every pattern I make feels like a landscape. Some more literally than others {like this black-mountainous coffee table}, but even the more abstract patterns make me feel like I'm outdoors, painting the scenery expanding out before me. Perhaps this is an important part of living in a city, finding the little ways that we can still see the space around us.

And adventure! I had a thrilling week of lath scores and exploring, two of my favorite things and it's even better when they are all rolled into one. I was tipped off that an old church down the street from me was being gutted to be turned into condos. It was gut-wrenching to hear about this, and to see it happening, but! One can't spend too many hours sad about unchangeable things, so we found the positive twist in the form of kindhearted demolition-crews who let us inside the towering old beauty to check it out, before it was all gone.

It was stunning and awe-inspiring and sad and thrilling. I was lucky enough to be allowed to take two giant bundles of hundred year old lath from the premises, and the guys helped me stuff it in the back of my car -- utterly perplexed of course, for what on earth could she want with all this crap?

Well, you lovely dust-covered, hard-hat-wearing, cake-eating men {yes, it was one guys birthday and they were chowing down when we arrived} THIS is what I want with all this crap.

Thanks boys! And if you'd like to see more beautiful photographs of the church, taken with a proper camera {as I only had my phone on me} look here.

{Also, go pick up an issue of Kinfolk, Volume Seven! I have a little interview in there and some beautiful photographs by the lovely Nicole Franzen. Go check it out! You can also see some more gorgeous shots of my studio taken by Nicole, right here!}.