Frequently Asked Questions

May I post about your work on my blog or website?
Yes! Go ahead. Just make sure you link and give credit for any and all photos where credit is due.

Do you do wholesale? Can I sell your work in my store?
Sorry but no, all my work is made to order and takes a great deal of time, so there's no room to stock up for wholesale orders.

Can I visit your studio?
While I do welcome visitors to my shop, I can't accept every request. If you are interested in ordering something but would like to see some work in person, let me know and we can certainly arrange something. If you just really, really want to meet and say hi, send me an email and maybe we can find a time for you to stop by!

Where did you learn to work with wood? {A short history}
I attended Pratt institute in Brooklyn and majored in sculpture. I worked in the woodshop, and used many different materials in my art, but never built furniture. When I graduated, I worked for a few artists and began piecing together basic furniture just to use in my home, using mostly hand tools; cabinets, a built-in bench, a coffee table, etc. I have an intuitive understanding of materials and wood, so everything I made was constructed from trial and error, figuring it out on my own. In 2011 I had the chance to design and build the restaurant il vecchio in California, which took me seven months of intense, hands-on labor and construction {this was the beginning of the blog brooklyntowest, starting with a ten day, cross country road trip in a sixteen foot Uhaul, collecting materials along the way} . It was there in CA that I first began to use patterns to construct table tops, building over thirty tables with different intricate designs. From there, I returned to Brooklyn, bought a chop saw and a nail gun, and continued building tables in my home, five feet away from my couch in a small and confined area of my apartment. It was dusty, to say the least. Eventually and slowly, I began getting commissions, and decided it was time to rent a studio.

I'd like to work for you, do you need interns / apprentices / assistants?
Oh how sweet of you! For the time being, I'm holding out on adding another member to my crew of one.

How do I order something?
I take orders through email only, so you can get in touch with me for a quote by telling me what you are interested in. If you have details on desired sizes and patterns, that certainly helps!
You can reach me at

I sent you an email and you never got back to me / it's been three weeks. Why?
My sincerest apologies. I receive a lot of emails and certainly do my best to respond in a timely order, however that does not always happen due to overload. It's just me alone working in the shop as well as on the business end of everything, so most of the time my responses may take up to a month. Patience is wonderfully, insanely appreciated!

Can I purchase just a patterned table top without the legs, and add my own hairpin legs at home?
Yes, absolutely. And actually, this is preferable, for a few reasons: It cuts down on shipping costs, how long it takes to build, and overall price. Since I build everything from materials that are found, it's tricky keeping up with commissions at times. The less materials it takes to complete an order {like the wood used for table bases} the better it is for you, me, and the others in line behind you.

Do you make custom patterns other than the ones I see on your website?
Yep! All you need to do to have a custom design is pick a few existing patterns that you like, and tell me what you like about them, i.e. symmetry, asymmetry, chevron, long lines, etc. From there I will send you a page of sketches with some new patterns that combine these elements, and you can pick one. For custom work, I usually charge about $75 extra on all orders.


  1. I came across you stuff on Instagram, you're inspiring! The designs, the patterns...and the wood!
    keep on being beautiful.
    Blessings to you,

  2. Ariele, please put me out of my misery and let me on your your secret to taking such awesome instagram shots?? They always seem really high res and capture action shots so well.. .. my iphone (4) doesn't seem up to the challenge!



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